Positive Parenting - Court Ordered/Dependent Referred or Self Referral

For Cases Involving :

  • Dependency

  • Probation/Parole

  • Timesharing / Supervised Visitation

  • Shelter Hearings

And/Or Guiding Families Involving:

  • Grandparents

  • Single Parents

  • Foster Parents

  • New/Young/Teen Parents​

CASTLE's Positive Parenting Program, a COA accredited program, utilizes the Active Parenting Curriculum which is evidenced based.  This program is an educational support group for parents of children of all ages who are interested in learning new parenting skills. This includes positive discipline techniques, ways to improve communication with children, redirecting unsuitable behaviors, managing anger, nurturing skills, nutrition, home safety and practical tips on responding appropriately with pre-teens and teenagers.

Participants are either involved in dependency type cases and/or want better parenting skills.  Participants are required to attend one Positive Parenting Class.  One class is 3 sessions, 5 hours each session, for a total of 15 hours. In order to receive a letter of class completion, you must complete the class in its' entirety. It is important for each participant to complete the series of sessions once started to receive the full benefit of the program.  Pre-registration is required and the schedule may change according to enrollment.

              Cost: *$100.00 per class (all three sessions = 1 class)

* Pre-registration is required for this program.  If you have a dependency case, payment arrangements can be made through that agency.  Please contact your Dependency Case Manager.  You can also contact us to see if we have received your referral at 772-461-0863.  You will need a picture ID and arrive 15 minutes early at the class site on the day of each session.

* If you do not have a dependency case, pre-registration is still required for this program. To lock in a space for the series of three sessions, it is preferred that you register online on this website. You will need a picture ID and arrive 15 minutes early at the class site on the day of each class.  You can early register in person at the Indian River, Martin and Saint Lucie County Offices during business hours or especially here online on our website.  Checks are accepted BUT must have 10 days to clear the bank before the first day os the series of sessions.  Master Card, Visa and debit cards accepted only at the CASTLE Main Office at 3525 West Midway Road, Ft. Pierce, FL 34981 or during registration online here on our website. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 772-465-6011 (CASTLE Main), 772-461-0863 (St. Lucie), 772-781-4510 (Martin), 772-567-5700 (Indian River) and 863-467-7771 (Okeechobee).

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