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CASTLE's Safe Families, a COA accredited, evidence based program, provides a complete curriculum of parenting education in the most natural setting for parenting to occur – the home. Safe Families staff designs a Family Service Plan, in concert with the family, to address their unique needs. Through the assessment process that involves four separate tools, the Family Service Plan is not only specific to the family needs but also specific to the family’s cultural needs and learning styles. Home visits take place at a minimum of one hour a week for up to one year in duration.

Relationship building is the crux of the Program, and building trust is a primary factor in motivating a family to make change.  Safe Families Secret Weapon – Safe Families staff are the main reason the program is successful. The relationship and bond that develops through the weekly visits motivates and inspires families to reach their potential, and create loving, nurturing homes for their children. With a caring, respectful, and honest approach to helping each family, parents are able to accept the need for change, and welcome the help in achieving that change.

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